Chapter 1


Let’s talk about Aeroponics
I’d like to talk about growing in general and the concepts that produce fast growth. I’ll try to keep it simple so anyone can understand.

Plants have needs just like you and me. The biggest difference is that plants make their own food. To put it simply, plants produce the sugar that powers growth. So what exactly does a plant need to make sugar? Remember this formula from your old high school biology class?

12 CO2 + 11 H2 O = C12 H22 O11 + 12 O2
carbon dioxide + water = sucrose + oxygen

Plants need lots of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and light to produce sugar. They also need small amounts of nutrients and of course the magic ingredient, chlorophyll. The plants take in the carbon (CO2) through the leaves and water and nutrients through their roots. What most people don’t realize is that plants take in the oxygen (O2) they need through their roots. Plants give off more oxygen than they take in, so many believe O2 is a non issue. In realty, lack of O2 to the roots is usually the limiting factor for maximum plant growth. If you look at what a plant’s basic needs are, you can determine where a bottle neck may occur.

Light is the most important element in any growing operation. Light is what powers photosynthesis. The more light you have, the faster the plants will grow. It’s that simple. Yes, size matters but light placement is also a key factor. You want the light as close as possible without burning the plants.

Water is easy to understand but hard to perfect. Who has ever had a problem over watering? I know I have. It’s easy to give the plants too much water and drown the roots. I’ve also come home to a room full of wilting plants.

Carbon is one of the building blocks of sugar. The plant needs lots of CO2 for fast growth. Normal air has about 400 PPM of CO2. Not much compared to what the plant can actually use. Plants can easily use 1500 PPM of CO2 or more.

Nutrients are actually a non issue. Why? It’s easy to give the plants all the nutrients they need. Just go into any Hydroponic store and buy few gallons of fertilizer. Mix up a batch and pour it on your plants. It’s that easy. What’s hard is getting the exact amount perfect. If you don’t use enough nutrients, your plants will face nutrient deficiencies and possibly die. If too many nutrients are used you could burn the shit out of your plants. So the most common problem you face with soil is getting your nutrient balance perfect!

Oxygen is probably the most overlooked element in plant growth. Even though plants give off more O2 than they take in, they still use a lot of Oxygen in the sugars they make. The StinkBud system addresses each one of these issues.
Light is right. You already know how to add more light. Water and Nutrients are fed and monitored perfectly. Carbon is added with a CO2 system. Oxygen is the main advantage of my Aeroponic systems. Think of it this way…the plant breaths in Oxygen through its roots and out through its leaves.

So imagine yourself a plant and let’s do a test:

1) Dig a hole in some dirt. Stick your head in it and fill it back up. Now take a deep breath. This is what growing is soil is like.
2) Now fill a container with water and stick your head in it. Oh yea, don’t forget to add some air stones first. Now take a deep breath. This is DWC.
3) Now just take a normal deep breath. This is Aeroponics.

Am I getting my point across?

The StinkBud System
The StinkBud system is a proven method of aeroponic growing that is so efficient it can yield over a pound of marijuana in just a 7’x8’ closet space. It utilizes a perpetual harvest method so you always have plants in different stages of development.  If you have lots of space but want to keep your plant count low then the StinkBud Hybrid Aero/DWC units will let you harvest over a pound per plant!

What is Unique about the StinkBud system vs. others?

1) StinkBud uses the best nutrients for the sweetest tasting bud you can ever imagine.
2) Cuttings are taken from vegetative plants. This way you can run ten different strains without having to keep ten mother plants.
3) 100% success rate with the cloner system is not uncommon. It is by far the easiest way to take cuttings and generate new plants.
4) The system uses a three part growth cycle for a perpetual harvest. With the SB Aero/NFT system, the plants stay in the cloner for three weeks before it is moved to the veg system for another three weeks. Finally the plants are moved to the flowering units for the last nine weeks. With the SB Single system plants are vegged for a total nine weeks before being put into flower for an additional nine weeks.
5) The flower room uses multiple separate and independent flowering systems. This allows you to stagger the harvest time of the plants so that you can harvest every three weeks. This system gives the buds time to fully ripen and also gives you the option to run strains with more Sativa in them.
6) If low plant count is desired you may choose to run the SB Single unit and grow large plants instead of running a Screen of Green system (SOG). Space permitted you can harvest over 20oz. of dried medicine from just one plant.

The StinkBud systems are all hybrid hydroponic type of systems. Each system uses the same sprayers and pumps. No medium is used. Basically the plants grow in air. Anyone can do this! If you can read a number you will have the same success as others have achieved. Everything is measured and it is as easy as baking a cake. If you follow my instructions, you too can harvest a pound every 3 weeks.

So here we go…

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